Saturday, December 20, 2008

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

iklaneka berita harian.TRIP TO BANDUNG..amacam?

Pemerhatian..pemerhatian..attention..attention..end of this year akan ku arrange kn trip to Bandung..InsyaAllah.Date,time,rate and detail will post later..sabau2

September zooming..

30 Second To Mars

Red Hot Chilli Pappers

Maroon 5

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Selamat hari raya..

Salam.Raye..Raye..Raye..This year punya raya ade kelainan sket..awat nye..sbb nyer..sbb nyer..aku raye ats katil..waaaa..!tp xper..syukur idop ag..So secara menyimpulnya..thn nih aku beraya kt umah..x balik kampong..Tp..sedey camne pn kite sambut ari raya..igt la..ade ag org sedey lagi pd

Selalu-lalu-lalunya on the eve of the celebrations, family members, especially my mothers , will be busy preparing food, cakes, sweets, biscuits and various delicacies to be served on the day of Hari Raya. Delicacies such as ketupat palas,ketupat rebus or rice cake and a meat cuisine called rendang nyam2 are among the most famous cuisines that are served during this day. Other family members will help in other chores such as decorating and cleaning up the house.But this year we r celebrating with pictures.keke.Sbb last year xde gambo.Tu la gambo family Baharudin for 2008 Aidilfitri.. open house Ajlaa..atau lebey glamour ngn name AJ AUTO.Ni schoolmate aku dahulu kalanya..kacak baligh dan matang gtu..

Maka aku datang la beraya ngn kaki satu aku..walau x ckup sipat maseh tegar utk kehulu kehilir..

Begambo ngn tuan rumah..tu haaa dok betongkat dagu..time kacih ajlaaa..

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Drum kit...

Salam..zaman kesekarangan nih, ramai org tahu apa itu drum kit..but they really know each part of it?..Cube skodeng gambo kt ats tuh.mcm2 tong ade.Nk bedal mane satu pn xtau.Klu kite tau membedal jer tp xtau bnde ape yg kite bedal tuh, apa celita.Sebelom tuh mai kite tau history dlu psal drum kit nih.

Term "drum kit" nih sebenaqnya dtg dr England. It was first created in the 1700s. In the U.S., the terms "drum set", and "trap set" were more prevalent historically.Drum kits were first developed due to financial and space considerations in theaters where drummers were encouraged to cover as many percussion parts as possible. Up until then, drums and cymbals(nnti kite akan tau apakah itu cymbal) were played separately in military and orchestral music settings. Initially, drummers played the bass and snare drums by hand, then in the 1890s they started experimenting with footpedals to play the bass drum.William F. Ludwig made the bass drum padel system in 1909, paving the way for the modern drum kit.

So, sikalang kite akan tau part2 drum kit yg ramai pd arinih ingin tahu..yeah!

1.Bass Drum
2.Floor Tom
6.Crash and ride cymbal

This is basic parts of drum kit.Actually ade byk ag part2 nyer seperti:
1.China cymbal
2.Splash cymbal
3.Sizzle cymbal
4.Swish cymbal

Now i will show u the basic drum part pic.

This is DW(brand)bass drum.
This is DW single pedal.

This is PDP(brand)toms

This is PDP floor toms

This is DW snare

This is ZILDJIAN(brand) hi-hats

This is SABIAN(brand) crash cymbal

This is ZILDJIAN ride cymbal

So guys i think thats all about drum kit.I will continue it with drum brand and drum notation for next post.oret.any enquiry?ehe.ok.wallahualam..

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Djembe? lets talk about djembe.This is African percussion.Ai..awat tetibe ckp psal bnde alah nih?aaaa...yg sebenaq nya nih adalah iinstrument percussion yg paling aku suke..saje nk citer supaya org x pelik bile jmpe object tuh.Da la mcm tempat duduk..busuk lak tuh..xder laa..seperti ku terang kn asal usul djembe nih..

Bedasarkan ape yg aku tahu sket,Bamana people dekat Mali yg bg nama djembe nih.So it comes directly from the saying "Anke dje, anke be" which literally translates to "everyone gather together", and defines the drum's purpose. "Dje" is the verb for "gather" in Bamanakan, and "be" translates as "everyone" in Bamanakan.Benda nih originated in west africa, and is an integral part of the region's musical tradition and culture.

Waktu da ketika nya aku berfoya2 dgn bende nih adalah ketika performance utk iringi group2 nasyid.A month ago aku di jemput oleh artist tuh utk iringi derang...phewwwet.Tp artist yg bru nk naik aa..Demascus name group nasyid tuh.Ni gambo nyer..

I started play this instrument adalah pd thn 2005.Sgt2 enjoy main bnde nih..sbb sambil main bole menari..Ade certain function yg membole kn bnde nih bole main sambil berdiri.If small function or santai2 function, akan ku main berdiri sambil joget lambak..keke.

Actually djembe nih ade 2 types..Rope-tune djembe and Key-tune djembe.

This is Rope-tune djembe.he traditional djembe is a goblet shaped hand drum with an authentic goat skin playing surface affixed with rope runners.This type are hand crafted from a solid piece of hardwood with inner carvings that produce a wide range of tones.

This is Key-tune djembe or Mechanically-tuned, djembes tend to have a more modern feel than the African style rope djembes, and are tuned using a wrench to tighten the bolts around the djembe head. The shells of the are also sometimes made of synthetic materials such as Acousticon, which replicate the strength and timbre of a traditional hardwood djembe drum surprisingly well.

So..anybody want to ask anything about this can give ur comment..ehe.Maybe lps nih aku akn post cara permainan nya n cara pemilihan djembe klu nk beli..oke.Wallahualam

Work is for people who do not know how to play golf.. i think mase utk citer pasal golf pulok..ehe.Dahulu kala, sukan golf nih memang utk golongan atasan aje.But today golf can be define in many ways.Cthnya golf nih adalah salah satu tool utk businessman berjaya, and so on.It looks stupid klu tgk golfer dok tgh panas swing bola halus tu.But, if we look from diferent side, sukan golf nih byk bg impact pd golfer tuh sndiri.X ksah la si pemain tuh main kene pakse ker..periuk nasi die ker..nk enjoy2 jer ker..Percya atau tidak..cube tera tgk...So, before we go further, let me explain a little bit about golf history.

"Playing a ball with a club from the teeing ground into the hole by a stroke or successive strokes in accordance with the Rules."Itulah simplle words yg bole discribe golf.So, golf has existed for at least 500 years because James II of Scotland, in an Act of Parliament dated March 6, 1457, had golf and football banned because these sports were interfering too much with archery practice sorely needed by the loyal defenders of the Scottish realm! It has been suggested that bored shepherds tending flocks of sheep near St. Andrews became adept at hitting rounded stones into rabbits holes with their wooden crooks. And so a legend that persists to this day was born.

Early golfers played at the game for many years without any thought of forming a society or club until finally a group of Edinburgh golfers in 1744 formed a club called the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers. At this time, the first rules of golf, 13 in all, were drawn up for an annual competition between sportsmen from any part of Great Britain and Ireland. A few years later the Society of St Andrews Golfers was formed and in 1834, when King William IV became the Society's patron, the title was changed to the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews.

Above is St.Andrew golf club.

Actually i have a lot of things to talk about golf because my father own a golf academy.Oleh yg demikian..adelah serba sedikit benda2 yg bole d kongsi.Yg mane2 maseh blur2 tuh maybe bole celik balik lps nih.So, its a good thing if i can disscus here.Byk benda yg org xtau psal golf nih cth nyer costing..adakah mahal sgt ker..berbaloi ke to get start...benefits.Honestly golf sgt byk kelebihan nyer...especially when people start working.Involve dlm dunia corporate and business.Enough small briefing about golf history.Next time aku akan post lg detail psal benda nih..oke..wallahualam.

Chad u know him? we talk about org tua kt ats tuh..ehe.Actually he is my favorite drummer.I really want 2 meet him.So b4 we melalut2 ag, let me introduce him.

Chadwick Gaylord Smith atau nama glamour nye chad smith(born 25 October 1961) is the drummer of the American Funk rock band the Red Hot Chili Peppers.Chad Smith grew up in Detroit, Michigan and attended Andover High School (Bloomfield Hills, Michigan) and Lahser High School, graduating from Lahser in 1980.While he was still at school, he ran away from home for a period of time. When he returned, his mother sent him to a boarding school. He then worked a series of jobs while playing in several bands, including Tilt, Tyrant, Terence and E-Trian. One of them, Toby Redd, put out a CD; and opened for Kansas.

He joined the Chili Peppers in late 1988 after their former drummer, Jack Irons, quit due to the distress and chaos of former guitarist Hillel Slovak's death from a drug overdose.Although he is mainly known as the drummer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smith's drumming is featured on over a hundred albums in addition to those recorded with Red Hot Chili Peppers. He has also toured the world extensively performing drum clinics, and recently did a series of clinics with one of his drumming heroes, Deep Purple's . In 1993, Smith released Red Hot Rhythm Method, an educational video for aspiring drummers.

Smith is currently developing a supergroup/side project called "Chickenfoot" with former Van Halen members Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony, as well as guitarist Joe Satriani, which will include a yet unnamed studio album release.

In late 2007, Chad Smith formed a new group, named Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats, featuring Cosmosquad guitarist Jeff Kollman, bassist Kevin Chown, and keyboardist Ed Roth. The band's debut album, which is due out in early 2008, has already been recorded and is currently in the mixing stages.

Chad has also released a new DVD entitled 'Eastern Rim', which gives an insight into life on the road, clinics, influences and concert footage.

Here is video performance by Bombastic Meatbats at NAMM 08'

So, i think that's all about Mr. Chad..latter we will talk more about drummer..wallahualam..

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Do u love music?..

Salam..small touch about music.Aku nk citer politik pn x reti..hal2 semasa sket2 bole nk involve or active dlm Malaysia Politic x berapa nk berbakat..ckp pn plak nk berhujah.Stakat nk bg sikit2 point of view tu InsyaAllah bole.So...aku involve dlm music sket.Nak kate talented tuh xder laa..saje follow2 rakan seperjuangan..Before that, i already involve in 3 bands..aha..LALATONIC,GLADIUS and BELIUNG.Mmng x pernah dengo pn sbb band2 tuh bkn mainstream pn..ehe.Tapi pernah satu stage ngn artist2 mainstream tau..jgn xtau..aha..seperti..Hujan,Spider dan lainya..

Ni la keje aku..mengetuk beberapa bulatan kayu berkepala plastic.Ni jer la bole..nk involve bnde lain x berbakat.Actually main bnde alah tuh bru jer lagi..because i start to play percussion during my secondary school.Involving in drum time amik degree.Learned myself and Joined Bently Academy at Bkt Bintang.After that i get my first set..ehe..I love drumming but i have no time to continue abroad..Cewwah..cita2 mcm hape jer..Ok la tuh..kejayaan bermula dr angan2..tol x?

This is my first set ever.I mix up with more than 5 brands.Ehe..saje cr pengalaman lebey..By the way..i already sold it.

Above we call as gladius bands..ade la 3 lagu yg gladius cipta..all band members r we dun have enought time to continue..

This is beliung..actually sume2 band that i joined b4 is temporary purpose..saje2 jer nk berhibur..x serius mane pn..wt jd hobi jer..klu perform kt mane2 tuh saje nk lepas2 tension..bole la lupe bnde2 lain insyaAllah klu aku d beri peluang utk trus kn bnde2 nih insyaAllah bole..keke..because i love ketok2..x kesah laa ketok per pn..jgn ketok ketampi sudey..So..actually i have a alot things nk citer psal music2 nih kt may seminggu bru abih menaip..Enought 4 dis time..wallahualam. Leg

Salam..Something happened 3 weeks ago??can u c sekeping besi dan 7 batang skru tu?aaaa..bende tuh skang ade dlm kaki nih...a lo00000ng story.tanggal 22 August 08' adalah tarikh keramat nyer bermula camnih..22hb tu is on friday.after work around 5.30 trus ke studium MMU.On that day..rase lebey bersemangat sbb dpt rasmi studium MMU.Match is between Spirulina F.C vs. Detol F.C.I was assigned to play winger 45 mnt, my manager sub kn aku ngn player first half.Semangt ag bertambah sbb sorakan dr sedey nk citer nih..after 10 mnt 2nd half kickoff, kne la tackle from left side..baik punya terbang sambil kuar satu bunyi.."krak" i shouted.."patah".Perghhh..rase time tuh x bernapas da..angkat je kaki..ankle da terkulai..sakit smpai x terkeluar air mata..ala2 Eduardo sket..tuh la citer nape bole ade besi dlm kaki ku scientific nyer..febula fracture and ankle off poss..ganas bunyi nyer.

This is Spirulina F.C.Sempat main utk 2 seasons jer..alahai.sedey nyer.That day jer last day dpt membola da..i have 2 wait another 6 months utk membola balik..tuh laaa citer nyer tentang kaki ironman aku nih..sekian.walahualam..